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Naval Air Stations in the Americas and the Pacific

Naval Air Stations

ca. 1944

The U.S. Navy created an extensive footprint in the Americas and the Pacific with its Naval Air Stations and Air Facilities...

Tags: Florida | Map | Navy Organization | World War II
7th Naval District Intelligence Organization

Intelligence Organization

December 23, 1942

The 7th Naval District Intelligence Organization was divided into five zones for command and control. Each zone consisted...

Tags: Florida | Intelligence Service | Map | Navy Organization | World War II
Report on the Sinking of U-128

Sinking of the U-128

May 17, 1943

On May 17, 1943 U.S. Naval aircraft sank the German submarine U-128 off the coast of Recife, Brazil. The U.S.S. Moffett rescued...

Tags: Florida | Foreign Countries | Submarine Combat | World War II
Charleston Navy Yard Recruiting Posters

Recruiting Posters


The Charleston Navy Yard recruited qualified workers using a variety of techniques, including posters...

Tags: Propaganda | Recruiting | South Carolina | World War II
Cafeteria Workers on Strike

Workers on Strike

March 5, 1945

To protest schedule changes, African American cafeteria workers at the Atlanta Ordnance Depot went on strike in March of 1945...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Labor | Prisoners of War |
Strike | World War II
Post War Employment

Postwar Employment

December 18, 1946

In response to a reduction in workforce after World War II, President Harry Truman requested that all qualified workers...

Tags: Labor | Washington D.C. | World War II
Civil Aeronautics Administration Letter

Civil Aeronautics

September 25, 1944

The Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) welcomed a new Administrator, T. P. Wright, in September 1944. In his introductory letter...

Tags: Aviation | Georgia | World War II
Report on the Negro Situation

Fontana Dam

July 14, 1942

Racial tensions ran high on the construction site of Fontana Dam. On July 1, 1942, after blacks were hired to work on the site...

Tags: African Americans | Dam Construction | North Carolina | World War II
Discrimination at the Gilbertsville Dam Project

Gilbertsville Dam

July 9, 1942

Complaints were made to the President's Committee on Fair Employment Practice regarding conditions at the Gilbertsville Dam...

Tags: African Americans | Dam Construction | Kentucky | World War II
Lend-Lease Program with Russia

Lend-lease with Russia

September 23, 1942

The Lend-Lease Act was signed into law on March 11, 1941 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This act set up a system...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Soviet Union | World War II