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Lack of Negro Carpenters

Negro Carpenters


John W. Reed, a concerned citizen, exchanged correspondence with David E. Lilienthal and Gordon Capp of TVA regarding...

Tags: African Americans | Labor | Tennessee | World War II
Recruitment of Women Engineering Employees

Recruitment of Women

April 30, 1943

As men were being drafted for the war, the Tennessee Valley Authority made a concerted effort to recruit women for engineering positions...

Tags: Women | World War II
Uniforms for Women Public Safety Service Officers

Uniforms for Women

April 17, 1943

TVA employee, Ruth S. Martin, gave a woman's perspective on the design of uniforms for women public safety service officers...

Tags: Fashion | Women | World War II
Chatham County Price Panel Minutes

Price Controls

ca. 1945

The Office of Price Administration was empowered to set prices and fines for all manner of goods and services. Even an individual selling...

Tags: Georgia | Price Controls | World War II
Steam Locomotives on Order

Locomotives on Order

December 1, 1943

This is a list of steam locomotives on order or delivered from ALCO, Baldwin, Lima, and other railroad shops to railroad companies...

Tags: Railroads | World War II
Industrial Accident Cartoons

"Axisdents" Cartoon

ca. 1943

These cartoons which appeared in "The Eureka Bulletin," a magazine of the Higgins Industries Company, pointed out...

Tags: Georgia | Propaganda | World War II
Corps of Engineers Expenditures

COE Budget

June 30, 1944

The Army Corps of Engineers, an organization which specializes in waterway maintenance and improvement, was given the additional...

Tags: Budget | North Carolina | World War II
Inland Waterway Progress Map

Inland Waterways

June 1944

While some Americans were storming the Normandy beaches on D-Day, the Army Corps of Engineers reported on the progress...

Tags: North Carolina | Waterways | World War II
Women at the Milan Arsenal

Women at Milan Arsenal


The Milan Ordnance Depot and the Wolf Creek Ordnance Plant merged in 1943 to form the Milan Ordnance Center. In 1945...

Tags: African Americans | Ordnance Facilities | Tennessee | Women |
World War II
Letter from Alabama, Tennessee, and Northern Railroad

AL, Tn, & N. Railroad

May 9, 1944

This letter requests the delivery of two diesel locomotives, while stating problems with the continued use of steam locomotives...

Tags: Alabama | Railroads | World War II