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Tracks and Facilities of Various Railroads

Atlanta Area Railroads

March 22, 1934

This map depicts railroads in the Atlanta Terminal area in 1934. It was created by the Office of Chief Engineer, Southern Railway System...

Tags: Georgia | Map | Railroads | World War II
War Fashions for Feminine Safety

War Fashion for Women

October 1942

In an effort to promote safety in a workplace that featured an increased amount of women, Higgins Industries featured this advertisement...

Tags: Fashion | Georgia | Louisiana | Women | World War II
Western Union Telegram

Train Collision

August 31, 1943

Increased traffic on the railways brought more accidents, like the one described by this Western Union telegram...

Tags: North Carolina | Railroads | World War II
Letter Concerning the GM&O Railroad

Steam LocoMotives

October 3, 1943

This letter addresses the complaints of the Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio Railroad upon hearing that their request for new diesel locomotives...

Tags: Alabama | Railroads | World War II
POW Malaria Exposure

POW Malaria Exposure

May 5, 1944

Concern over the malaria problem extended to German prisoners of war (POWs) being assigned to side camps throughout the country...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Health | Malaria Prevention | Prisoners of War |
World War II
Give Your Best

Build More Boats


Citizens on the home front were inundated with calls for them to contribute to the war effort...

Tags: Georgia | Louisiana | Propaganda | World War II
Segregation at the Memphis Train Depot

Memphis Train Depot

ca. 1944

Despite their service in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II, black soldiers were still required to purchase train...

Tags: African Americans | Railroads | Tennessee | World War II
Hazards to the Health of Individuals Working With RDX

Health Hazards with RDX(B)

September 28, 1944

In September 1944, the Office of Scientific Research and Development published a 113-page report titled "Hazards to the Health of Individuals...

Tags: Health | Tennessee | World War II
Population Removal Report

Family Removal

October 1, 1944

Thousands of families were removed from their homes to accommodate the construction of Fontana Dam. This report describes...

Tags: Dam Construction | North Carolina | World War II
Letter to Senator Walter F. George

changing Jobs

November 23, 1943

A constituent appeals to the Senator for help in being released to go to a higher paying job in the war production industry...

Tags: Georgia | Labor | World War II