In World War I, the federal government nationalized the railroads. During World War II, this was not the case. It did, however, create agencies that promoted maximum utilization of the railroads for transportation of men and materiel. Railroad companies, although in private ownership, still needed government approval for acquistion of engines, expansion of rail lines, and additions to depots and roundhouses.
Mikado Specs

Mikado Specifications

ca. 1943

Tracks and Facilities of Various Railroads

Atlanta Area Railroads

March 22, 1934

Letter from Alabama, Tennessee, and Northern Railroad

AL, Tn, & N Railroad

May 9, 1944

Steam Engine Maintenance

Steam Engine Maintenance

ca. 1944

44-Ton Diesel Locomotive

44-Ton Diesel Locomotive


Letter Concerning the GM&O Railroad

Steam LocoMotives

October 3, 1943

Service Men in Atlanta Terminal Station

Atlanta Station


Western Union Telegram

Train Collision

August 31, 1943

Steam Locomotives on Order

Locomotives on Order

December 1, 1943