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Administers a unified program of resource conservation, development, and use in the Tennessee River Valley. Encourages the economic development of the region.

Post War Employment

Postwar Employment

December 18, 1946

In response to a reduction in workforce after World War II, President Harry Truman requested that all qualified workers...

Tags: Labor | Washington D.C. | World War II
Report on the Negro Situation

Fontana Dam

July 14, 1942

Racial tensions ran high on the construction site of Fontana Dam. On July 1, 1942, after blacks were hired to work on the site...

Tags: African Americans | Dam Construction | North Carolina | World War II
Discrimination at the Gilbertsville Dam Project

Gilbertsville Dam

July 9, 1942

Complaints were made to the President's Committee on Fair Employment Practice regarding conditions at the Gilbertsville Dam...

Tags: African Americans | Dam Construction | Kentucky | World War II
Lend-Lease Program with Russia

Lend-lease with Russia

September 23, 1942

The Lend-Lease Act was signed into law on March 11, 1941 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. This act set up a system...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Soviet Union | World War II
Accolades from the War Department

War Dept. Accolades

September 5, 1942

The Tennessee Valley Authority receives accolades from the War Department for their service towards the war effort...

Tags: Tennessee Valley | World War II
We won't let 'em down

War Posters

November 6, 1942

The Tennessee Valley Authority used posters, flyers, billboards and other propaganda to promote their participation in the war effort...

Tags: Propaganda | World War II
Pedersen Process

Extracting Alumina

July 21, 1942

Scientists with the Tennessee Valley Authority developed a system of extracting alumina from clay to eventually produce aluminum...

Tags: Tennessee Valley | World War II
Selection of the Oak Ridge Site

Selection of Oak Ridge

August 12, 1942

The Tennessee Valley Authority worked closely with the War Production Board and the Army Corps of Engineers to choose the Oak Ridge...

Tags: Manhattan Project | Tennessee | World War II
Lack of Negro Carpenters

Negro Carpenters


John W. Reed, a concerned citizen, exchanged correspondence with David E. Lilienthal and Gordon Capp of TVA regarding...

Tags: African Americans | Labor | Tennessee | World War II
Recruitment of Women Engineering Employees

Recruitment of Women

April 30, 1943

As men were being drafted for the war, the Tennessee Valley Authority made a concerted effort to recruit women for engineering positions...

Tags: Women | World War II