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Administers a unified program of resource conservation, development, and use in the Tennessee River Valley. Encourages the economic development of the region.

Snail Darter Controversy

Snail Darter Controversey

March 27, 1977

While TVA was constructing the Tellico Dam, it was discovered that a fish—the snail darter—would be adversely affected by the reservoir...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
The T-Rific Two!

The T-Rific Two!

June 20, 1978

In response to the snail darter controversy, the theater group The Play Group penned a play called The T-Rific Two! The tag line was "We Bring...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
Snail Darter Correspondence

snail Darter Correspondence

July 18, 1978

The controversy regarding the snail darter and the construction of Tellico Dam inspired concerned citizens to express their opinions to TVA...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
Sue of Fertilizer

Use of Fertilizer

June 28, 1937

One of the original tasks charged to the Tennessee Valley Authority was to provide for the agricultural development of the region...

Tags: Tennessee Valley
Mining for Phosphate

Mining for Phosphate


Tennessee Valley Authority employees are mining phosphate for use in fertilizer...

Tags: Tennessee Valley
Biology Section Report

Biology Section annual Report

August 4, 1944

This report from the Biology Section of the TVA describes its activities and research with the malaria control program...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention
Treasury Department Letter

Treasury Dept. Letter

July 1943

In this letter, Special Assistant Brite is inquiring when Soviet officials plan to visit U.S. the facilities which were contracted to provide equipment...

Tags: Soviet Union | Tennessee | Washington D.C.
Russian Engineering Drawings

Russian Drawings

December 26, 1941

These records pertain to "Plant 13" in the Soviet Union. They are engineering drawings related to turbines used in the powerhouse...

Tags: Soviet Union | Tennessee
James Watson Interview

James Watson Interview

October 2, 1970

Beginning as an engineer trainee in 1936, James Watson was appointed Manager of Power in 1970. This interview expresses his expectations...

Tags: Electricity | Tennessee
Malaria and Its Control in the TN Valley

Malaria in the TN Valley

March 1942

This report published by the TVA provides citizens with information on how to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and reduce the spread of malaria...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention