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Administers a unified program of resource conservation, development, and use in the Tennessee River Valley. Encourages the economic development of the region.

Uniforms for Women Public Safety Service Officers

Uniforms for Women

April 17, 1943

TVA employee, Ruth S. Martin, gave a woman's perspective on the design of uniforms for women public safety service officers...

Tags: Fashion | Women | World War II
Population Removal Report

Family Removal

October 1, 1944

Thousands of families were removed from their homes to accommodate the construction of Fontana Dam. This report describes...

Tags: Dam Construction | North Carolina | World War II
Dam Construction

construction of dams

June 1, 1942

With the increased need for power to support the defense industry--in particular, the wartime production of aluminum, TVA constructed ...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee Valley | World War II
National Defense Aspects of the Tennessee Valley

Map of TVA Projects

December 26, 1941

This map depicts the dams and river ways of the Tennessee Valley in relation to the war effort...

Tags: Map | Tennessee Valley | World War II
Maps and Surveys

Mapping the European Front


TVA's Maps and Surveys Department produced topographical maps of the European Theater from air photographs for...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Map | World War II
Letters from the Field

Letters from the Field


Several TVA employees temporarily worked with the Public Health Service overseas to set up malaria control bases...

Tags:Foreign Countries | Health | Malaria Prevention | World War II
Jean Paul Sartre Visits TVA

Sartre Visits TVA

January 30, 1945

This itinerary shows that French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre visited sites of the Tennessee Valley Authority with seven other French...

Tags: Tennessee Valley | World War II
Conversion of Airplanes for Malaria Control in Greece

Malaria control

June-September 1945

The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) was an international agency which coordinated measures...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Health | Malaria Prevention | World War II
Speech by David Lilienthal

Lilienthal Speech

June 21, 1940

Eager to establish his organization as a major player in the mobilization for war, TVA Director David Lilienthal presented...

Tags: Speeches | Tennessee | World War II
Strategic War Materials

Strategic War Materials

June 4, 1940

TVA General Manager Gordon R. Clapp asked his Chemical Engineering Department to provide an analysis of the various commodities...

Tags: Alabama | World War II