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Supervised the procurement, receipt, storage, shipment, and issuance of food, fuel, clothing, general stores, and other materials. Maintained and operated naval supply depots and similar units, and supervised activities of Supply Corps officers. Procured, allocated, and disbursed funds. Kept money and property accounts.

Aircraft at Atlanta Naval Air Station

Atlanta Air Station

April 15, 1944

This photograph depicts training aircraft staged on the tarmac of the Atlanta Naval Air Station - the current site of Peachtree-Dekalb Airport...

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Sailors and WAVES at Atlanta NAS

Sailors and waves

ca. 1944

The Atlanta Naval Air Station trained pilots during World War II, and it was also the home of a detachment of Women Accepted

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Inspection of Cooks

Inspection of Cooks

ca. 1944

Along with being the headquarters for a detachment of Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES)...

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