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Developed, tested, maintained, repaired, procured, and distributed army ordnance and ordnance equipment.

Girls Who Wear Glasses

Girls Who Wear Glasses

June 11, 1943

The "Salute" newsletter published by the Augusta Arsenal frequently offered beauty tips to its female population...

Tags: Fashion | Georgia | Women | World War II
Augusta Arsenal Baseball Game

Arsenal Baseball Game

ca. 1944

During World War II, many military installations fielded their own baseball teams. These teams competed against other local teams...

Tags: Baseball | Georgia | World War II
May Day Investigation

May Day Investigation

April 20, 1948

This once confidential memo was sent from the Third Army headquarters in Ft. McPherson, Georgia, to select commanding officers...

Tags: Communism | Espionage | Georgia | South Carolina
Advisory Group to Pakistan

Training In Pakistan

July 11, 1956

In 1956, the Anniston Ordnance Depot in Anniston, Alabama, sent a Military Advisory Group to Pakistan to dispose of hazardous ammunition...

Tags: Ammunition | Foreign Countries
Subversive Activities

Subversive Activities

August 23, 1950

The Holston Ordnance Works in Kingsport, Tennessee received several memoranda from Third Army Headquarters regarding potential subversive...

Tags: Communism | Georgia