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Maintained navy yards, naval stations, naval bases, naval air installations, and other types of shore establishments that performed services for the fleet.

National Airlines Sub Sighting

Sub Sighting Report

June 10, 1943

People of all ages and occupations maintained heightened vigilance on and around the southeastern Atlantic during World War II...

Tags: Aviation | Florida | Submarine Combat | World War II
Blimp Engages Submarine

Blimp Engages Sub

July 20, 1943

On the night of July 20, 1943, the observation blimp K-74 engaged a German submarine in the waters off of Charleston, SC...

Tags: South Carolina | Submarine Combat | World War II
British Ship Patrols for Subs

British Patrols for Subs

April 10, 1942

Several British ships assisted the U.S. Navy with combating the German submarine threat off the southeastern coast...

Tags: Georgia | Ships | Submarine Combat | World War II
Sinking Ship After Sub Attack

German Sub Attack

ca. April 1942

Captain Thomas H. Newman (aka "Captain Tom"), who was investigated by Naval Intelligence, led profitable recovery operations...

Tags: Florida | Investigations | Ships | Submarine Combat | World War II
Report of Submarine Attack

Report of Sub Attack

May 25, 1942

A German submarine sunk the SS Lammot Duponton the afternoon of April 23, 1942 500 miles southeast of Bermuda...

Tags: Florida | Foreign Countries | Submarine Combat | World War II
Beach Paravane

Beached Paravane

ca. April 1942

After initial reports declared the recovery of an enemy torpedo, the Navy realized that the object was just a paravane...

Tags: Florida | Submarine Combat | World War II
Report of Sub Attack


June 12, 1942

After a German submarine sunk a ship, the District Intelligence Office authored a report detailing the incident. This is the report...

Tags: Florida | Intelligence Service | Ships | Submarine Combat |
World War II
Recovery Operations for Ship

Recovery Operations

ca. May 1942

The SS Republic was torpedoed off of Hobe Sound, Florida in March 1942. Captain Thomas H. Newman, who would later...

Tags: Florida | Investigations | Ships | World War II
House Raid

House Raid

June 1, 1942

In the early morning of May 17, 1942, law enforcement and Navy officials raided the apartment of Harold C. Clark, owner of the beachfront hotel...

Tags: Florida | Intelligence Service | World War II
Background Investigation Report

Investigation Report

June 12, 1942

Captain Thomas H. Newman, also called "Captain Tom," was the subject of this background investigation due to his inquiries...

Tags: Florida | Investigations | World War II