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Recruited labor for war and essential civilian industries, trained labor for jobs essential to the war effort, analyzed manpower utilization practices to increase labor efficiency, and accumulated national labor market information.

Letter Declaring Integration of Shipyard

Dry dock Integration

May 22, 1943

This letter announces the integration of the Alabama Dry Dock and Ship Building Plant in Mobile, Alabama. The company made...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama | World War II
Press Release

Race Riots

May 27, 1943

This press release describes a walk-out by white workers because of a surprise integration of black welders at the Alabama Dry Dock...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama | World War II
Segregation in the Textile Industry

Segregation in textile Mills


This is a transcript of a South Carolina law mandating segregation in textile mills...

Tags: African Americans | Labor | South Carolina | World War II
Women in the Workforce

"Women are Teachable"

ca. 1943

By 1944, over half of American adult women were employed outside the home, making invaluable contributions to the war...

Tags: Georgia | Women | World War II
Womanpower Campaign

"Womanpower" Campaign

January 1943

The "Womanpower" Campaign was a government initiative intended to maximize war production by using women...

Tags: Georgia | Women | World War II
Women Workers Needed

Women Workers Needed

February 1943

The Macon Naval Ordnance Plant in Macon, Georgia desperately needed workers to increase production during the war...

Tags: Georgia | Labor | Women | World War II
War Manpower Radio Script

Radio Script

ca. 1943-1945

In order to recruit more qualified workers and increase production, the Charleston Navy Yard used scripted radio interviews...

Tags: Propaganda | South Carolina | World War II
Atlanta Traffic Study

Atlanta Traffic Study

June 1942

Rush hour traffic congestion in downtown Atlanta became a major problem by 1942, prompting the Chamber of Commerce...

Tags: Georgia | Transportation | World War II
Charleston Navy Yard Recruiting Posters

Recruiting Posters


The Charleston Navy Yard recruited qualified workers using a variety of techniques, including posters...

Tags: Propaganda | Recruiting | South Carolina | World War II
Letter to Senator Walter F. George

changing Jobs

November 23, 1943

A constituent appeals to the Senator for help in being released to go to a higher paying job in the war production industry...

Tags: Georgia | Labor | World War II