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Administers federal laws and programs for the control and conservation of fish, game birds, and other forms of wildlife. Provides federal aid to the states for wildlife restoration. Manages a national wildlife refuge system.

Industrial Accident Cartoons

"Axisdents" Cartoon

ca. 1943

These cartoons which appeared in "The Eureka Bulletin," a magazine of the Higgins Industries Company, pointed out...

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War Fashions for Feminine Safety

War Fashion for Women

October 1942

In an effort to promote safety in a workplace that featured an increased amount of women, Higgins Industries featured this advertisement...

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Give Your Best

Build More Boats


Citizens on the home front were inundated with calls for them to contribute to the war effort...

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Prisoner of War Circular

Employing POWs

March 1944

Daily life was also changed when communities were forced to abide enemy prisoners of war (POWs) from Europe...

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Fish and Wildlife Service Newsletters

Newsletters for Servicemen

ca. 1942-1945

The Regional Office of the Fish and Wildlife Service in Atlanta, Georgia distributed a newsletter to former employees serving...

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Employee Violates Area Stabilization Plan

Letter from Serviceman

December 8, 1942

A former Fish and Wildlife Service employee who was serving in the military sent a letter to his former employer in response...

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Letter from Serviceman

Letter from Serviceman

May 16, 1944

A former Fish and Wildlife Service employee, who was serving in the military in Great Britain, sent a letter to his former employer...

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Cancer and March of Dimes

Fundraising for Research

ca. 1940-1950

The Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as other government agencies, helped with fundraising efforts in the battle against diseases like cancer and polio...

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Rat Control

Rat Control

ca. 1920s-1930s

Rats posed a serious health concern to medical professionals since they are known to carry and spread diseases...

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