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Formulated and interpreted, on an advisory basis, policies to combat employment discrimination based on race, religion, or national origin. Received, investigated, and adjusted complaints of such discrimination.

A. Philip Randolph to Visit Macon, Georgia

A. Philip Randolph Visit

May 10, 1945

This letter announces that A. Philip Randolph, director of the March on Washington Movement, will speak in Macon, Georgia...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | World War II
Letter Concerning Race Relations Institute

Conference on Race Relations

February 21, 1945

This letter, dated February 21, 1945, concerns an upcoming interracial institute on race relations to be held in March...

Tags: Georgia | Race Relations | Tennessee | World War II
Letter Describing Discrimination of Textile Workers

Textile Workers discrimination

November 24, 1944

This letter is addressed to Dr. Witherspoon Dodge, regional director of the FEPC in Atlanta. It describes differences in pay...

Tags: Georgia | North Carolina | Race Relations | World War II
Press Release Concerning the American Federation of Labor and Black Carpenters

AFL and Black Carpenters

January 15, 1943

This press release, dated January 15, 1943, announces that the Southern Representative of the American Federation of Labor...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Labor | World War II
Letter about Enforcing Segregation

Enforcing Segregation

February 11, 1944

William E. Dunn, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Southern Industrial Trades Association, sent this letter to the FEPC...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | World War II
	Discrimination Complaint

Discrimination Complaint


Formed out of Executive Order 8802, which promised federal support for equal opportunity in the workforce...

Tags: African Americans | Race Relations | Tennessee | World War II
Discrimination Against Jewish Applicant

Jewish Discrimination

December 1943 - May 1944

The Bell Bomber Plant, which manufactured B-29 bombers during the war, was accused of discriminatory hiring and promotion practices...

Tags: Georgia | Jewish Americans | World War II