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Conducts search and rescue operations in and over the high seas and navigable waters of the United States. Provides medical aid to U.S. ocean fishermen. Enforces maritime and other laws pertaining to protection of life and property at sea, suppression of smuggling and illicit drug trafficking, and protection of the marine environment. Formulates and enforces safety standards for U.S. commercial vessels and offshore structures. Enforces safety standards on foreign vessels subject to U.S. jurisdiction. Evaluates and licenses U.S. merchant marine personnel. Enforces regulations governing the safety and security of ports and the anchorage and movement of vessels in U.S. waters. Establishes and maintains aids to navigation. Regulates the construction, maintenance, and operation of bridges across the navigable waters of the United States. Operates ice-breaking ships and the International Ice Patrol. Develops and directs a national boating safety program. Operates as a wartime service in the Department of the Navy.

Drawings and Plans of Liberty Ships

Liberty Ships


At the start of World War II, America's ship fleet was aging and on the verge of becoming obsolete. Liberty ships were designed...

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