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Supervises the activities of the Corps of Engineers. Provides advice and assistance to the Secretary of the Army, the Chief of Staff and other members of the Army Staff, and other Department of the Army organizations. Provides general and specialized engineering services for the army, the Department of Defense, and other government agencies. Administers the civil works program, a comprehensive federal program for water resources development, including river and harbor improvements, flood control, and hydroelectric power. Supervised the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY, 1802-66.

Corps of Engineers Expenditures

COE Budget

June 30, 1944

The Army Corps of Engineers, an organization which specializes in waterway maintenance and improvement, was given the additional...

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Inland Waterway Progress Map

Inland Waterways

June 1944

While some Americans were storming the Normandy beaches on D-Day, the Army Corps of Engineers reported on the progress...

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Danger Zone Established

Danger Zone Established

April-August 1941

In August 1941, Secretary of War Henry Stimson approved the establishment of a danger area in the Gulf of Mexico near Tampa...

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Lunar Excavations

Lunar Excavations


The U.S. Army Nuclear Cratering Group published myriad studies assessing the impact of using nuclear weapons for operations other than enemy...

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Malaria Map

Malaria Control


Clayton County, Georgia, home to the National Archives at Atlanta, was once inundated with cases of malaria along the Flint River...

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