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Photograph of a Prison Baseball Team

Prison Baseball Team

ca. 1916

This photograph of a prison team with all black players, and a white man who appears to be their manager...

Tags: Baseball | African Americans | Atlanta Federal Penitentiary | Georgia
African American Team

African American Team

September 14, 1945

In September 1945, the "Colored Labor" softball team at the Lexington Signal Depot claimed its second post championship...

Tags: African Americans | Baseball | Kentucky | Softball
	Discrimination Complaint

Discrimination Complaint


Formed out of Executive Order 8802, which promised federal support for equal opportunity in the workforce...

Tags: African Americans | Race Relations | Tennessee | World War II
Segregation at TVA Towns

Segregation at TVA Towns

January 28, 1935

These construction plans depict designs for segregated cafeterias and schools at Pickwick and Fontana Dams...

Tags: African Americans | Cafeterias | City Planning | Housing | North Carolina | Tennessee
Draft Muster Roll

Draft Muster Roll


After the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, Border States in Union hands began drafting...

Tags: African Americans | Civil War | Kentucky
Medical Register

Medical Register

October 1864

When African American soldiers began mustering for service in the Union Army, they were given cursory medical examinations...

Tags: African Americans | Civil War | Health | Kentucky
Interment of U.S. Colored Troops

Interment of USCT

September-October 1864

United States Colored Troops were interred at the Chattanooga National Cemetery during the Civil War when...

Tags: African Americans | Civil War | Tennessee
The Right To Vote

The Right To Vote


After the Civil War, some white citizens used a variety of tactics to prevent African Americans from voting...

Tags: African Americans | South Carolina
Peonage in Alabama


May 1903

Peonage became a way of life in the South soon after the Civil War, with thousands of freedmen and poor whites...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama
Travesty Upon Justice

"Travesty Upon Justice..."

May 1903

Although they did not want their names brought up in any investigations of civil rights violations, some Southerners...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama