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Separate Facilities

Separate Facilities

July 1961

Furthering equal access was U.S. v. City of Montgomery, in July 1961, which contested segregated facilities and services for passengers...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama | Aviation
University of Mississippi Riots

Investigation into Riots

September-November 1962

In response to James Meredith attending classes at the University of Mississippi, riots broke out on campus in Oxford attracting observers...

Tags: African Americans | Mississippi
Selma to Montgomery march

The March to Selma

March 1965

Led by John Lewis and Reverend Hosea Williams, almost 600 people gathered in Selma on Sunday, March 7, 1965 for a march to Montgomery...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama
Right to Assemble in Albany, GA

The Right to Assemble


In July 1962, two civil cases were brought before the U.S. District Court in Albany, Georgia. The first, filed by Albany Mayor Asa Kelley...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia
Civil Rights Workers Murdered

Rights Workers Murdered


During the summer of 1964, civil rights workers James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner assisted the African American community...

Tags: African Americans | Mississippi
African American Waves

African American WAVES

December 7, 1944

During World War II, thousands of women entered the U.S. Naval Reserve through the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service)...

Tags: African Americans | Tennessee | Women | World War II
Dry Dock Welders

Dry Dock Welders

May 1943

Following complaints of unequal hiring practices, the Alabama Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Company employed black welders to work the third shift...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama | Race Relations | World War II
Dining Car Discrimination

Dining Car Discrimination

May 1942

Complaints detailing discrimination in dining cars on the southbound L&N train led to the involvement of Thurgood Marshall, then Chief Counsel...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Louisiana | Railroads