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Letter Declaring Integration of Shipyard

Dry dock Integration

May 22, 1943

This letter announces the integration of the Alabama Dry Dock and Ship Building Plant in Mobile, Alabama. The company made...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama | World War II
Press Release

Race Riots

May 27, 1943

This press release describes a walk-out by white workers because of a surprise integration of black welders at the Alabama Dry Dock...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama | World War II
Expand Railroad Depot

Segregated Train Depot

May 6, 1943

This letter is a request from the Louisville and Nashville Railroad to expand Montgomery Depot because of the increased presence

Tags: African Americans | Alabama | Railroads | World War II
Alabama Ordnance Works Power Plant

Alabama Ordnance

January 27, 1942

No project represents the focused and determined effort that government and private contractors dedicated to war-related infrastructure...

Tags: Alabama | Ordnance Facilities | World War II
Letter from Alabama, Tennessee, and Northern Railroad

AL, Tn, & N. Railroad

May 9, 1944

This letter requests the delivery of two diesel locomotives, while stating problems with the continued use of steam locomotives...

Tags: Alabama | Railroads | World War II
Letter Concerning the GM&O Railroad

Steam LocoMotives

October 3, 1943

This letter addresses the complaints of the Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio Railroad upon hearing that their request for new diesel locomotives...

Tags: Alabama | Railroads | World War II
Steam Locomotive

Steam Engine "Pershing"


The military-owned steam engine "Pershing" received some much-needed maintenance at Ft. Benning, Georgia after the war...

Tags: Alabama | Georgia | Railroads | World War II
44-Ton Diesel Locomotive

44-Ton Diesel Locomotive


This photograph depicts a small 44-ton diesel switch engine owned by the U.S. Army. These 44-ton diesels had a central cab...

Tags: Alabama | Railroads | World War II
Alabama Coal Strike

Alabama coal Strike

October 20, 1943

This memo describes 19,000 coal miners striking in Northern Alabama, October 20, 1943...

Tags: Alabama | Labor | World War II
Mobile Women's Recruitment Campaign

Women Recruited

March 6, 1943

The War Manpower Commission undertook a campaign to recruit women in the Mobile, Alabama area to work in war industry...

Tags: Alabama | Women | World War II