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Cemetery Removal

Removal Permissions

March 10, 1939

This letter depicts the approval procedure for TVA grave removal, as well as the many rules (at least 172 of them!) that accompanied the process...

Tags: Cemeteries | Tennessee
Permission and Procedure

REmoval Procedures


TVA recognized that the removal and reinterment of burial plots was a delicate matter, made even more delicate by the fact that many residents were angered...

Tags: Cemeteries | Tennessee Valley
Sequoyah v. TVA

Sequoyah v. TVA

October 1979

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit are two bands of the Cherokee Indian nation and three individual Cherokee Indians. The plaintiffs claimed that the land...

Tags: Cemeteries | Dam Construction | Native Americans | Tennessee
Hickory Grove Cemetery

Hickory Grove Cemetery

August 10, 1939

This is an image of Hickory Grove Cemetery in Eddyville, Kentucky...

Tags: Cemeteries | Kentucky