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	Operational Survival Maps

Operational Survival Maps


These maps from the North and South Carolina Civil Defense Agencies show major utility lines, evacuation routes, likely detonation...

Tags: Civil Defense | Cold War | North Carolina | South Carolina
Von Braun Speech

Von Braun Speech

July 14, 1965

In his welcome speech addressing the Regional Preparedness Committee, Dr. von Braun compliments the Emergency Planning Office for their work on...

Tags: Alabama | Civil Defense | Cold War
ATT Survivability

At&T Survivability


This booklet, authored by AT&T, depicts how advancements by the telecommunications industry prepared the nation's communications...

Tags: Civil Defense
Chinese and Russian Missile Capabilities

chinese and Russian Missiles


National Civil Defense Advisory Council meeting participants discussed funding for civil defense projects. Also at the same meeting, participants discussed...

Tags: Civil Defense | Cold War
Surving the Blast

Surviving the Blast


These pamphlets describe protection and survival techniques following a nuclear attack. They were prepared by government and industry for...

Tags: Civil Defense | Cold War
Living with Radiation

Living with Radiation


This booklet, prepared by the Office of Civil Defense and the Atomic Energy Commission, covers a variety of topics including the benefits of...

Tags: Civil Defense | Cold War | Health