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Report on the Negro Situation

Fontana Dam

July 14, 1942

Racial tensions ran high on the construction site of Fontana Dam. On July 1, 1942, after blacks were hired to work on the site...

Tags: African Americans | Dam Construction | North Carolina | World War II
Discrimination at the Gilbertsville Dam Project

Gilbertsville Dam

July 9, 1942

Complaints were made to the President's Committee on Fair Employment Practice regarding conditions at the Gilbertsville Dam...

Tags: African Americans | Dam Construction | Kentucky | World War II
Population Removal Report

Family Removal

October 1, 1944

Thousands of families were removed from their homes to accommodate the construction of Fontana Dam. This report describes...

Tags: Dam Construction | North Carolina | World War II
Dam Construction

construction of dams

June 1, 1942

With the increased need for power to support the defense industry--in particular, the wartime production of aluminum, TVA constructed ...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee Valley | World War II
Dams Built for the War

Dams Built for War


The TVA built three dams in record time to support the increased electric power demand of war industries: Fontana, Cherokee, and Douglas...

Tags: Dam Construction | North Carolina | Tennessee | World War II


December 12, 1967

Nickajack Dam, which was constructed between 1964 and 1967, replaced the old Hales Bar Plant...

Tags: Dam Construction | Electricity | Tennessee
Kentucky Dam

Truman at Kentucky Dam

October 10, 1945

A little over one month after Japan formally surrendered on the deck of the USS Missouri ending World War II, President Truman dedicated...

Tags: Dam Construction | Kentucky
Wilson Dam

Wilson Dam

ca. 1943

Originally constructed to power two nitrate plants that manufactured explosives, Wilson dam was completed in 1924. TVA acquired the dam...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction
Douglas Dam

Douglas Dam

ca. 1943

Douglas Dam was built during World War II to provide power for critical war functions: aluminum and magnesium production and uranium enrichment...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee

guntersville DAm

March 22, 1940

In 1939 this hydroelectric dam began providing power to the residents of Marshall County, Alabama and surrounding areas. It also created...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction