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Commercial Refrigerator

Pickwick Dam

March 1, 1938

Pickwick Dam was constructed between 1935 and 1938 and was named for the nearby community at the time. Along with Wilson and Wheeler Dams...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
Watts Bar Dam

Watts Bar DAm

February 22, 1943

At the cost of displacing 832 families and 17 cemeteries when construction began in 1939, Watts Bar provided flood control, electricity, and a continuous...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
Wheeler Dam

Wheeler DAm

February 22, 1943

The Wheeler project was the first main-river dam built by the Tennessee Valley Authority, and one of the few visited by President Franklin...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction
Life at Fontana

Life at
Fontana Dam


Written for a publication over thirty years after the completion of the Fontana Dam project, this historical fiction piece describes life for workers...

Tags: Dam Construction | North Carolina | World War II
Gilbertsville Reservoir Project

Gilbertsville Flood Control

October 7, 1937

The Gilbertsville Reservoir, also known as the Kentucky Reservoir, was constructed after the 1937 flood to help control the flooding of the lower...

Tags: Dam Construction | Floods | Kentucky | Map
Hill v. TVA Complaint

Hill v. TVA

February 18, 1976

Upon discovering that the snail darter would be adversely affected by the damming of the Tennessee River, Hiram Hill—a law student at University of Tennessee...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
Snail Darter Controversy

Snail Darter Controversey

March 27, 1977

While TVA was constructing the Tellico Dam, it was discovered that a fish—the snail darter—would be adversely affected by the reservoir...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
The T-Rific Two!

The T-Rific Two!

June 20, 1978

In response to the snail darter controversy, the theater group The Play Group penned a play called The T-Rific Two! The tag line was "We Bring...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
Snail Darter Correspondence

snail Darter Correspondence

July 18, 1978

The controversy regarding the snail darter and the construction of Tellico Dam inspired concerned citizens to express their opinions to TVA...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
TVA Facts Book

TVA Facts Book

October 29, 1934

This book contains printed descriptions of TVA projects and peripheral components such as construction and engineering techniques, forestry...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee