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Sequoyah v. TVA

Sequoyah v. TVA

October 1979

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit are two bands of the Cherokee Indian nation and three individual Cherokee Indians. The plaintiffs claimed that the land...

Tags: Cemeteries | Dam Construction | Native Americans | Tennessee
Wilsom Dam Construction Photos

Wilson Dam Construction


President Woodrow Wilson authorized the construction of Wilson Dam near Muscle Shoals, Alabama during World War I to help power nitrate plants...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction
Panoramic Photos

Panoramic Photos

August 1937-April 1939

These panoramic photographs show the construction and surrounding areas of the Norris, Chickamauga, Guntersville, Kentucky, and ...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction | Kentucky | Tennessee
Guntersville Photos

Guntersville Photos

July 1937-September 1939

The Tennessee Valley Authority chronicled its overall project progress through photographs. These depict the construction of...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction
Beech River Project Aerial Photos

Beech River Aerial Photos

March-October 1963

For each construction project, the TVA took aerial photographs to monitor the progress. These photographs show the construction...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
Study Tour of USSR

Study Tour of USSR


The 29th Executive Committee Meeting of the International Commission on Large Dams was held in Moscow from...

Tags: Dam Construction | Foreign Countries | Soviet Union