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May Day Investigation

May Day Investigation

April 20, 1948

This once confidential memo was sent from the Third Army headquarters in Ft. McPherson, Georgia, to select commanding officers...

Tags: Communism | Espionage | Georgia | South Carolina
Communist Symbols

Communist Symbols

July 7, 1942

This document is a Navy memo warning officers to be watchful for symbols on ships used by communists to communicate with each othe...

Tags: Espionage | Florida
Propaganda and Espionage

Propaganda & Espionage

April 16, 1942

This document is a Navy memo warning personnel to be aware of communist attempts to infiltrate the armed forces and labor unions who might...

Tags: Espionage | South Carolina
Concerns over Bolsheviks

Bolshevik Propaganda

June 1919

These documents from U.S. Customs pertains to individuals suspected of having Bolshevik contacts. Less than two years after the Russian Revolution...

Tags: Espionage | Florida | Propaganda
Code of Conduct

U.S. v. Slack


Eastman Kodak employee Alfred Slack was accused of selling secrets to the Soviet Union. Slack was connected to Harry Gold who confessed about...

Tags: Espionage | Tennessee