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Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

May 25, 1943

Captain J.H. Tucker found this note inside a bottle floating in the St. Johns River on May 25, 1943. Because the bottle was a suspicious object...

Tags: Florida | Intelligence Service | World War II
Letter from Kirby-Smith Junior High

Letter to Sailor

December 5, 1942

As a member of the Victory Club at Kirby-Smith Junior High School in Jacksonville, Mary Harrell wrote this letter to...

Tags: Censorship | Florida | World War II
Naval Air Stations in the Americas and the Pacific

Naval Air Stations

ca. 1944

The U.S. Navy created an extensive footprint in the Americas and the Pacific with its Naval Air Stations and Air Facilities...

Tags: Florida | Map | Navy Organization | World War II
7th Naval District Intelligence Organization

Intelligence Organization

December 23, 1942

The 7th Naval District Intelligence Organization was divided into five zones for command and control. Each zone consisted...

Tags: Florida | Intelligence Service | Map | Navy Organization | World War II
Report on the Sinking of U-128

Sinking of the U-128

May 17, 1943

On May 17, 1943 U.S. Naval aircraft sank the German submarine U-128 off the coast of Recife, Brazil. The U.S.S. Moffett rescued...

Tags: Florida | Foreign Countries | Submarine Combat | World War II
Drawings and Plans of Liberty Ships

Liberty Ships


At the start of World War II, America's ship fleet was aging and on the verge of becoming obsolete. Liberty ships were designed...

Tags: Florida | Ships | World War II
Robots Attack

Robots Attack

January 8, 1945

Worried about the threat from German V2 rockets on New York and Washington DC, Admiral Ingram warned of buzz bombs...

Tags: Florida | Robots | World War II
Rail and Vessel Traffic

Rail and Vessel Traffic

March 13, 1944

The Tampa Port Agency facilitated the transportation infrastructure requirements for daily rail and vessel traffic at its Jacksonville branch...

Tags: Florida | Railroads | Transportation | World War II
Danger Zone Established

Danger Zone Established

April-August 1941

In August 1941, Secretary of War Henry Stimson approved the establishment of a danger area in the Gulf of Mexico near Tampa...

Tags: Florida | Map | Waterways | World War II
Christopher Torriente

Christopher Torriente

October 20, 1917

Cristobal Torriente was a hard slugging batter from Cuba who played in the Negro Leagues.

Tags: Baseball | Draft Registration | Florida | Negro League | World War I