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Tuskegee Airman Letter

Tuskegee Airmen, Inc.

September 21, 1984

The Greater Florida Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. was eager to partner with the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change to commemorate...

Tags: Florida | Georgia | Martin Luther King, Jr.
Holiday Inn Magazine

Holiday Inn Magazine


This promotional magazine from 1966 touts NASA's launch complex as a tourist destination even before its completion. The article highlights...

Tags: Cold War | Florida
Code of Conduct

Military Code of Conduct


In an effort to thwart the "brainwash" techniques of communists, President Eisenhower instituted a code of conduct for all military personnel...

Tags: Florida | Prisoners of War | Soldiers


December 29, 1961

This excerpt from a newsletter contains an article by J. Edgar Hoover on subverting communist infiltration in all facets of American life. Hoover claims...

Tags: Communism | Florida
Communist Symbols

Communist Symbols

July 7, 1942

This document is a Navy memo warning officers to be watchful for symbols on ships used by communists to communicate with each othe...

Tags: Espionage | Florida
Concerns over Bolsheviks

Bolshevik Propaganda

June 1919

These documents from U.S. Customs pertains to individuals suspected of having Bolshevik contacts. Less than two years after the Russian Revolution...

Tags: Espionage | Florida | Propaganda
USSR Civil Aviation Delegation

Russian Aviation

November-December 1972

In 1972, a group of Soviet aeronautics and aviation educators visited the Kennedy Space Center....

Tags: Aviation | Cold War | Florida
Bolshevik Propaganda

Bolshevik Concerns


As early as 1918, U.S. Customs Intelligence was monitoring communist publications entering the country, including the constitution of...

Tags: Communism | Florida



This NASA report discusses the technical capabilities (specifically communications), operations in space, and effects of spaceflight on the...

Tags: Florida | Soviet Union | Space Exploration
Toxic Shock Syndrome Lawsuit

Toxic Shock Syndrome


Carr v. International Playtex, Inc. and the Proctor and Gamble Distributing Company is one of at least 100 civil suits brought to...

Tags: Florida | Health