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Nuremberg Elementary School Letter

Nuremberg School Letter

January 17, 1992

Writing from the very city that saw the rise and fall of the 3rd Reich fifty years earlier, Suzanne Bachman of Nuremberg Elementary School...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Georgia | Martin Luther King, Jr.
Study Tour of USSR

Study Tour of USSR


The 29th Executive Committee Meeting of the International Commission on Large Dams was held in Moscow from...

Tags: Dam Construction | Foreign Countries | Soviet Union
Lenin's Prediction

Workers Worldwide

August 1919

These letters are from an Atlanta Penitentiary inmate's case file. The sender discusses politics, unions, and the current state of workers in...

Tags: Communism | Foreign Countries | Georgia
Expeditionary Siberian Force

Expeditionary Siberian Force

May-August 1920

In this document, a federal inmate convicted of violating espionage laws, files a motion in which he states President Woodrow Wilson has...

Tags: Atlanta Federal Penitentiary | Foreign Countries | Georgia
Advisory Group to Pakistan


July 11, 1956

In 1956, the Anniston Ordnance Depot in Anniston, Alabama, sent a Military Advisory Group to Pakistan to dispose of hazardous ammunition...

Tags: Ammunition | Foreign Countries

Customs Quarantine

Various Dates

The Public Health Service was responsible for the quarantine of arriving vessels to verify the health and sanitation of their contents...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Health | Quarantine | South Carolina
Agent Orange

Agent Orange


In the 1980s, the Public Health Service investigated the detrimental effects of exposure to the defoliant Agent Orange on Vietnam War veterans...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Georgia | Health
Women in Vietnam

Women in Vietnam


The New England Research Institute submitted a study that specifically addressed the health of women who served in the Vietnam War...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Health | Women
Thailand Nutrition

International Nutrition


The United Nations recognized the health concerns presented by a lack of protein in the diets of children in many developing nations...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Health
Malaria in Ethiopia

Malaria in Ethiopia


In June 1964 the Ethiopian government published an instructional booklet about malaria eradication that contained a sketch of Emperor Hali Selassie...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Health | Malaria Prevention