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Aircraft at Atlanta Naval Air Station

Atlanta Air Station

April 15, 1944

This photograph depicts training aircraft staged on the tarmac of the Atlanta Naval Air Station - the current site of Peachtree-Dekalb Airport...

Tags: Aviation | Georgia | World War II
Dining Car Discrimination

dining Car Discrimination

May 10, 1942

This letter, from Frank Adair to the Louisville and Nashville Rail Road in 1942, describes being denied access to the dining car...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Louisiana | Railroads | World War II
British Ship Patrols for Subs

British Patrols for Subs

April 10, 1942

Several British ships assisted the U.S. Navy with combating the German submarine threat off the southeastern coast...

Tags: Georgia | Ships | Submarine Combat | World War II
A. Philip Randolph to Visit Macon, Georgia

A. Philip Randolph Visit

May 10, 1945

This letter announces that A. Philip Randolph, director of the March on Washington Movement, will speak in Macon, Georgia...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | World War II
Sailors and WAVES at Atlanta NAS

Sailors and waves

ca. 1944

The Atlanta Naval Air Station trained pilots during World War II, and it was also the home of a detachment of Women Accepted

Tags: Georgia | Sailors | Women | World War II
New Yorker Ad Investigation

New Yorker Ad Investigation

August 14, 1942

Almost a year after an ad was published in The New Yorker on November 22, 1941, Naval Intelligence investigated...

Tags: Georgia | Intelligence Service | World War II
Women at the Augusta Arsenal

Augusta Arsenal Women

ca. 1944

During World War II, the Augusta Arsenal in Augusta, GA employed over 1000 people, many of them female workers who performed...

Tags: Georgia | Ordnance Facilities | Women | World War II
Inspection of Cooks

Inspection of Cooks

ca. 1944

Along with being the headquarters for a detachment of Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES)...

Tags: Cafeterias | Georgia | Women | World War II
Women in the Workforce

"Women are Teachable"

ca. 1943

By 1944, over half of American adult women were employed outside the home, making invaluable contributions to the war...

Tags: Georgia | Women | World War II
Womanpower Campaign

"Womanpower" Campaign

January 1943

The "Womanpower" Campaign was a government initiative intended to maximize war production by using women...

Tags: Georgia | Women | World War II