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No Greater Sin

"No Greater Sin" Movie Poster


This movie about the dangers of venereal disease was promoted to military personnel by the Public Health Service...

Tags: Georgia | Health | Veneral Disease | World War II
Chatham County Price Panel Minutes

Price Controls

ca. 1945

The Office of Price Administration was empowered to set prices and fines for all manner of goods and services. Even an individual selling...

Tags: Georgia | Price Controls | World War II
Industrial Accident Cartoons

"Axisdents" Cartoon

ca. 1943

These cartoons which appeared in "The Eureka Bulletin," a magazine of the Higgins Industries Company, pointed out...

Tags: Georgia | Propaganda | World War II
Tracks and Facilities of Various Railroads

Atlanta Area Railroads

March 22, 1934

This map depicts railroads in the Atlanta Terminal area in 1934. It was created by the Office of Chief Engineer, Southern Railway System...

Tags: Georgia | Railroads | World War II
War Fashions for Feminine Safety

War Fashion for Women

October 1942

In an effort to promote safety in a workplace that featured an increased amount of women, Higgins Industries featured this advertisement...

Tags: Fashion | Georgia | Louisiana | Women | World War II
Give Your Best

Build More Boats


Citizens on the home front were inundated with calls for them to contribute to the war effort...

Tags: Georgia | Louisiana | Propaganda | World War II
Letter to Senator Walter F. George

changing Jobs

November 23, 1943

A constituent appeals to the Senator for help in being released to go to a higher paying job in the war production industry...

Tags: Georgia | Labor | World War II
Service Men in Atlanta Terminal Station

Atlanta Station


These servicemen are scheduling transportation on trains leaving Atlanta Terminal Station...

Tags: Georgia | Railroads | World War II
Steam Locomotive

Steam Engine "Pershing"


The military-owned steam engine "Pershing" received some much-needed maintenance at Ft. Benning, Georgia after the war...

Tags: Alabama | Georgia | Railroads | World War II
Fish and Wildlife Service Newsletters

Newsletters for Servicemen

ca. 1942-1945

The Regional Office of the Fish and Wildlife Service in Atlanta, Georgia distributed a newsletter to former employees serving...

Tags: Georgia | Newsletters | World War II