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Employee Violates Area Stabilization Plan

Letter from Serviceman

December 8, 1942

A former Fish and Wildlife Service employee who was serving in the military sent a letter to his former employer in response...

Tags: Georgia | Louisiana | World War II
Certificate of Availability Process

Certificate of Availability

November 1944

Originally denied in September and October 1944, Sam Garwood was finally granted his release from the Charleston Navy Yard...

Tags: Georgia | Labor | South Carolina | World War II
Augusta Arsenal Workers

Augusta Arsenal


Photograph shows both African American and white workers laboring on same factory line in Augusta, Georgia during WWII...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Ordnance Facilities | World War II
Letter Concerning Race Relations Institute

Conference on Race Relations

February 21, 1945

This letter, dated February 21, 1945, concerns an upcoming interracial institute on race relations to be held in March...

Tags: Georgia | Race Relations | Tennessee | World War II
Letter Describing Discrimination of Textile Workers

Textile Workers discrimination

November 24, 1944

This letter is addressed to Dr. Witherspoon Dodge, regional director of the FEPC in Atlanta. It describes differences in pay...

Tags: Georgia | North Carolina | Race Relations | World War II
Press Release Concerning the American Federation of Labor and Black Carpenters

AFL and Black Carpenters

January 15, 1943

This press release, dated January 15, 1943, announces that the Southern Representative of the American Federation of Labor...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Labor | World War II
Letter about Enforcing Segregation

Enforcing Segregation

February 11, 1944

William E. Dunn, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Southern Industrial Trades Association, sent this letter to the FEPC...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | World War II
Graves Registration Division

Graves Registration


The Graves Registration Division at the Atlanta General Depot was responsible for receiving those military service members who...

Tags: Georgia | World War II
Aerial View of K-25

"Salute" Newsletter

May 14, 1943

Many military installations published their own newsletters during the war in order to inform and entertain their civilian...

Tags: Georgia | Newsletters | World War II
Girls Who Wear Glasses

Girls Who Wear Glasses

June 11, 1943

The "Salute" newsletter published by the Augusta Arsenal frequently offered beauty tips to its female population...

Tags: Fashion | Georgia | Women | World War II