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Army —  Navy "E" Award for Nitrate Plant #2

Army-Navy "E" Award

March-April 1943

In a ceremony on April 7, 1943, Nitrate Plant #2 was presented the Army — Navy "E" Award from Under Secretary of War Robert Patterson...

Tags: Alabama | Industry | World War II
Mobilizing the Region's Agricultural Resources for War

War Production

ca. 1942

In its continuing effort to communicate the benefits of electricity to the Tennessee Valley region, TVA photographed various scenes of...

Tags: Industry | Tennessee | World War II
Youth Administration

Youth Administration


These images show the availability of medical care provided to National Youth Administration workers...

Tags: Health | Industry | North Carolina

OSHA Investigation


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) completed an investigation regarding an explosion at a gas station in Alabama...

Tags: Alabama | Health | Industry
Accident Prevention

Accident Prevention


The Lexington Signal Depot (Kentucky) maintained a very successful workplace safety program during World War II...

Tags: Health | Industry | World War II
Workplace Hazards

Workplace Hazards

August 23, 1950

These documents detail issues dealing with the handling of beryllium, an element used to increase strength and stability of metal alloys...

Tags: Health | Industry | Tennessee