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Discrimination at the Gilbertsville Dam Project

Gilbertsville Dam

July 9, 1942

Complaints were made to the President's Committee on Fair Employment Practice regarding conditions at the Gilbertsville Dam...

Tags: African Americans | Dam Construction | Kentucky | World War II
Land Condemnation

Land Condemnation

May 10, 1941

Even before the war began, the U.S. District Courts were busy condemning land on behalf of the federal government. In this case...

Tags: Eminent Domain | Kentucky | World War II
Baseball Patent

Baseball Patent


Making and selling baseballs was a profitable enterprise, even in 1876. Wolf Fletcher, an inventor from Covington, Kentucky...

Tags: Baseball | Kentucky | Patent
African American Team

African American Team

September 14, 1945

In September 1945, the "Colored Labor" softball team at the Lexington Signal Depot claimed its second post championship...

Tags: African Americans | Baseball | Kentucky | Softball
Softball Team

Softball Team

August 11, 1945

The Lexington Signal Depot's weekly newsletter, The Messsage, reported on the installation's all-star male...

Tags: Baseball | Kentucky | Women
Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky Wildcats

May 20, 1943

Along with numerous softball teams, the Lexington Signal Depot also fielded an installation baseball team during World War II...

Tags: Baseball | Kentucky
Kentucky Dam

Truman at Kentucky Dam

October 10, 1945

A little over one month after Japan formally surrendered on the deck of the USS Missouri ending World War II, President Truman dedicated...

Tags: Dam Construction | Kentucky
Flood Relief

Flood Relief

january 1937

The Ohio River flooded in January 1937, causing considerable damage from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Cairo, Illinois. The Tennessee Valley Authority...

Tags: Floods | Kentucky | Tennessee
1937 Paducah Flood

1937 Paducah Flood

February 1937

After 18 inches of rain in 16 days, the Ohio River crested at 60.8 feet on February 2, 1937 in Paducah, Kentucky. This flood was the worst natural disaster...

Tags: Floods | Kentucky
Gilbertsville Reservoir Project

Gilbertsville Flood Control

October 7, 1937

The Gilbertsville Reservoir, also known as the Kentucky Reservoir, was constructed after the 1937 flood to help control the flooding of the lower...

Tags: Dam Construction | Floods | Kentucky | Map