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Segregation in the Textile Industry

Segregation in textile Mills


This is a transcript of a South Carolina law mandating segregation in textile mills...

Tags: African Americans | Labor | South Carolina | World War II
Women Workers Needed

Women Workers Needed

February 1943

The Macon Naval Ordnance Plant in Macon, Georgia desperately needed workers to increase production during the war...

Tags: Georgia | Labor | Women | World War II
Holston Ordnance Works Manpower Map

Manpower map

December 1943

Like most military production facilities during the war, Holston Ordnance Works in Kingsport, Tennessee, employed male and female workers...

Tags: Labor | Map | Ordnance Facilities | Tennessee | World War II
Cafeteria Workers on Strike

Workers on Strike

March 5, 1945

To protest schedule changes, African American cafeteria workers at the Atlanta Ordnance Depot went on strike in March of 1945...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Labor | Prisoners of War | Strike |
World War II
Post War Employment

Postwar Employment

December 18, 1946

In response to a reduction in workforce after World War II, President Harry Truman requested that all qualified workers...

Tags: Labor | Washington D.C. | World War II
Lack of Negro Carpenters

Negro Carpenters


John W. Reed, a concerned citizen, exchanged correspondence with David E. Lilienthal and Gordon Capp of TVA regarding...

Tags: African Americans | Labor | Tennessee | World War II
Letter to Senator Walter F. George

changing Jobs

November 23, 1943

A constituent appeals to the Senator for help in being released to go to a higher paying job in the war production industry...

Tags: Georgia | Labor | World War II
Employee Violates Area Stabilization Plan

Worker Leaves Job for North

June 19, 1943

An African American worker leaves the South to work in the North and does not want to return despite his apparent violation ...

Tags: African Americans | Labor | Ohio | Tennessee | World War II
Workers Needed in Coal Mines

Coal Mine Losing Workers

August 20, 1943

Coal mines were in desperate need of workers, but mine lore discouraged the hiring of women for these jobs...

Tags: Labor | Tennessee | World War II
Alabama Coal Strike

Alabama coal Strike

October 20, 1943

This memo describes 19,000 coal miners striking in Northern Alabama, October 20, 1943...

Tags: Alabama | Labor | World War II