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Dining Car Discrimination

dining Car Discrimination

May 10, 1942

This letter, from Frank Adair to the Louisville and Nashville Rail Road in 1942, describes being denied access to the dining car...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Louisiana | Railroads | World War II
War Fashions for Feminine Safety

War Fashion for Women

October 1942

In an effort to promote safety in a workplace that featured an increased amount of women, Higgins Industries featured this advertisement...

Tags: Fashion | Georgia | Louisiana | Women | World War II
Give Your Best

Build More Boats


Citizens on the home front were inundated with calls for them to contribute to the war effort...

Tags: Georgia | Louisiana | Propaganda | World War II
Employee Violates Area Stabilization Plan

Letter from Serviceman

December 8, 1942

A former Fish and Wildlife Service employee who was serving in the military sent a letter to his former employer in response...

Tags: Georgia | Louisiana | World War II
Dining Car Discrimination

Dining Car Discrimination

May 1942

Complaints detailing discrimination in dining cars on the southbound L&N train led to the involvement of Thurgood Marshall, then Chief Counsel...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Louisiana | Railroads