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Malaria Control Bulletin

Malaria Control


This is the first edition of the Malaria Control in War Areas bulletin...

Tags: Georgia | Health | Malaria Prevention | World War II
Mosquito Experiments

Mosquito Experiments


Mosquito experiments were conducted at the Carter Memorial Laboratory in Savannah, Georgia by the Public Health Service...

Tags: Georgia | Health | Malaria Prevention | World War II
POW Malaria Exposure

POW Malaria Exposure

May 5, 1944

Concern over the malaria problem extended to German prisoners of war (POWs) being assigned to side camps throughout the country...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Health | Malaria Prevention | Prisoners of War |
World War II
Letters from the Field

Letters from the Field


Several TVA employees temporarily worked with the Public Health Service overseas to set up malaria control bases...

Tags:Foreign Countries | Health | Malaria Prevention | World War II
Conversion of Airplanes for Malaria Control in Greece

Malaria control

June-September 1945

The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) was an international agency which coordinated measures...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Health | Malaria Prevention | World War II
Impounded Reservoirs and Malaria Control

Malaria Control

Juny 7, 1941

The eradication of mosquitoes is crucial in the efforts to control malaria. This report illustrates the difficulty of mosquito control...

Tags: Kentucky | Malaria Prevention | Tennessee
1941 Malaria Survey

Malaria Survey

March 10, 1942

This map shows the results of the Malaria Control Program's survey for malaria in the Guntersville Reservoir region...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention | Map
Malaria Control Program

Malaria Control Photos


These photographs show various aspects of the Malaria Control Program, such as collection of mosquitoes, analysis of the specimens...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention
Biology Section Report

Biology Section annual Report

August 4, 1944

This report from the Biology Section of the TVA describes its activities and research with the malaria control program...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention
Malaria and Its Control in the TN Valley

Malaria in the TN Valley

March 1942

This report published by the TVA provides citizens with information on how to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and reduce the spread of malaria...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention