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Malaria: The Story of an Individual Problem and a Community Problem

Malaria: Two Problems


This report published by the TVA documents the various loci of malaria outbreaks and measures taken by communities and TVA...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention
Spraying for Malaria

Spraying for Malaria


In an effort to eradicate the threat of malaria, cars were specially outfitted for pesticide spraying...

Tags: Georgia | Health | Malaria Prevention
Malaria Map

Malaria Control


Clayton County, Georgia, home to the National Archives at Atlanta, was once inundated with cases of malaria along the Flint River...

Tags: Georgia | Health | Malaria Prevention | Map
This is Ann

This is Ann

August 1943

The War Department's robust malaria awareness campaign included a booklet called This is Ann, about a dangerous mosquito. It was written by...

Tags: Health | Malaria Prevention
Malaria in Ethiopia

Malaria in Ethiopia


In June 1964 the Ethiopian government published an instructional booklet about malaria eradication that contained a sketch of Emperor Hali Selassie...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Health | Malaria Prevention