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Danger Zone Established

Danger Zone Established

April-August 1941

In August 1941, Secretary of War Henry Stimson approved the establishment of a danger area in the Gulf of Mexico near Tampa...

Tags: Florida | Map | Waterways | World War II
	Norris Town Map

Norris Town map

ca, 1936

This map of Norris, Tennessee, shows its proximity to the Norris Dam site.

Tags: City Planning | Map | Tennessee
Fontana Town Map

Fontana Town Map

May 1943

This is a full map of Fontana Village showing housing, shopping, facilities, recreational areas, and evidence of segregation...

Tags: City Planning | Map | North Carolina | Public Facilities
Florence, AL Civic Center

Florence, AL Civic Center

March 2, 1945

This sketch was drawn as part of a visual aid during a study of the town of Florence, Alabama...

Tags: Alabama | City Planning | Map
TVA Transmission Lines

Transmission Lines

ca. 1934-1986

The TVA Power System is a complicated network of dams, transmission lines, switching stations, hydroelectric plants, nuclear plants...

Tags: Electricity | Map | Tennessee Valley
Gilbertsville Reservoir Project

Gilbertsville Flood Control

October 7, 1937

The Gilbertsville Reservoir, also known as the Kentucky Reservoir, was constructed after the 1937 flood to help control the flooding of the lower...

Tags: Dam Construction | Floods | Kentucky | Map
1941 Malaria Survey

Malaria Survey

March 10, 1942

This map shows the results of the Malaria Control Program's survey for malaria in the Guntersville Reservoir region...

Tags: Alabama | Malaria Prevention | Map
Malaria Map

Malaria Control


Clayton County, Georgia, home to the National Archives at Atlanta, was once inundated with cases of malaria along the Flint River...

Tags: Georgia | Health | Malaria Prevention | Map