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Dams Built for the War

Dams Built for War


The TVA built three dams in record time to support the increased electric power demand of war industries: Fontana, Cherokee, and Douglas...

Tags: Dam Construction | North Carolina | Tennessee | World War II
Fontana Public Facilities

Fontana Public Facilities

ca. 1945

These correspondence documents discuss the level of detail TVA planners put into the community of Fontana Village to make it...

Tags: City Planning | North Carolina | Public Facilities
Fontana Town Map

Fontana Town Map

May 1943

This is a full map of Fontana Village showing housing, shopping, facilities, recreational areas, and evidence of segregation...

Tags: City Planning | Map | North Carolina | Public Facilities
Laundry Building

Laundry Building


While electricy was a central feature in all TVA communities, laundry appliances were not yet a household item. These drawings show the plans...

Tags: City Planning | North Carolina
Segregation at TVA Towns

Segregation at TVA Towns

January 28, 1935

These construction plans depict designs for segregated cafeterias and schools at Pickwick and Fontana Dams...

Tags: African Americans | Cafeterias | City Planning | Housing | North Carolina | Tennessee
Fontana Housing

Fontana Housing

ca. 1945

These photos and floorplans provide a good example of the housing options at Fontana Village...

Tags: City Planning | Housing | North Carolina
Life at Fontana

Life at
Fontana Dam


Written for a publication over thirty years after the completion of the Fontana Dam project, this historical fiction piece describes life for workers...

Tags: Dam Construction | North Carolina | World War II
Erosion Project

Erosion Project


This series of photographs depicts the transformation of James C. Ray's property in Buncombe County, North Carolina during a soil erosion project...

Tags: Erosion | North Carolina
Dealing with Furriners

Dealing with "Furriners"

March 23, 1953

In a response to F. Stuart Chapin, Project Director for the Savannah River Urbanization Study, TVA Director Raymond Paty talks about lessons...

Tags: North Carolina | Relocation | Tennessee
Photographers of the TVA

Photographers of the TVA

November 3, 1936

This image shows TVA photographer Pare Lorenz working in the Great Smoky Mountains as a storm is approaching...

Tags: North Carolina | Tennessee