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Watts Bar Feedwater

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

May 7, 1982

This photo depicts feedwater heaters, which are components used to pre-heat water delivered to a steam-generating boiler...

Tags: Nuclear Power | Tennessee

Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

August 31, 1982

While this photo was taken over thirty years ago, construction on Bellefonte Nuclear Plant still has never been completed due...

Tags: Alabama | Nuclear Power
Browns Ferry AV

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

October 3, 1969

Construction began on Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in 1966, and when completed in 1974, it was the largest nuclear plant in the world...

Tags: Alabama | Nuclear Power
Browns Ferry

Outstanding Engineering

October 3, 1969

This image of Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant was featured in the National Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Awards publication...

Tags: Alabama | Nuclear Power

Biggest Nuclear Plant

ca. 1971

This article, published in The Timken Company's magazine, boasts of Timken's contributions to the construction of Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant...

Tags: Alabama | Nuclear Power
Yellow Creek

Yellow Creek Ceremony

March 1978

This press release from TVA announced the ground-breaking ceremony at Yellow Creek Nuclear Plant. Amongst the attendees was the Honorable John C. Stennis...

Tags: Mississippi | Nuclear Power | Press Release

Sequoyah Nuclear Plant

August 12, 1968

TVA announced the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Tennessee on August 12, 1968. The Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, located near Soddy-Daisy...

Tags: Nuclear Power | Tennessee
Comparison of Coal and Nuclear Power

Coal & Nuclear Comparison

June 6, 1966

An independent study conducted by S.M. Stoller Associates concluded that both coal-fired and nuclear power plants were capable of meeting...

Tags: Nuclear Power | Tennessee