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Women at the Augusta Arsenal

Augusta Arsenal Women

ca. 1944

During World War II, the Augusta Arsenal in Augusta, GA employed over 1000 people, many of them female workers who performed...

Tags: Georgia | Ordnance Facilities | Women | World War II
Alabama Ordnance Works Power Plant

Alabama Ordnance

January 27, 1942

No project represents the focused and determined effort that government and private contractors dedicated to war-related infrastructure...

Tags: Alabama | Ordnance Facilities | World War II
Holston Ordnance Works Employee

Holston Ordnance

August 1943

A Holston Ordnance Works employee operating filter tanks in "E" building in area B...

Tags: Ordnance Facilities | Tennessee | World War II
Holston Ordnance Works Manpower Map

Manpower map

December 1943

Like most military production facilities during the war, Holston Ordnance Works in Kingsport, Tennessee, employed male and female workers...

Tags: Labor | Map | Ordnance Facilities | Tennessee | World War II
Women at the Milan Arsenal

Women at Milan Arsenal


The Milan Ordnance Depot and the Wolf Creek Ordnance Plant merged in 1943 to form the Milan Ordnance Center. In 1945...

Tags: African Americans | Ordnance Facilities | Tennessee | Women |
World War II
Gadsden Ordnance Plant Workers

Gadsden Ordnance Plant

ca. 1942

Two workers at the Gadsden Ordnance Plant manufacture artillery shells...

Tags: African Americans | Alabama | Ammunition | Ordnance Facilities |
World War II
Augusta Arsenal Workers

Augusta Arsenal


Photograph shows both African American and white workers laboring on same factory line in Augusta, Georgia during WWII...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Ordnance Facilities | World War II