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Cafeteria Workers on Strike

Workers on Strike

March 5, 1945

To protest schedule changes, African American cafeteria workers at the Atlanta Ordnance Depot went on strike in March of 1945...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Labor | Prisoners of War | Strike |
World War II
POW Malaria Exposure

POW Malaria Exposure

May 5, 1944

Concern over the malaria problem extended to German prisoners of war (POWs) being assigned to side camps throughout the country...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Health | Malaria Prevention | Prisoners of War |
World War II
Prisoner of War Circular

Employing POWs

March 1944

Daily life was also changed when communities were forced to abide enemy prisoners of war (POWs) from Europe...

Tags: Prisoners of War | World War II
Code of Conduct

Military Code of Conduct


In an effort to thwart the "brainwash" techniques of communists, President Eisenhower instituted a code of conduct for all military personnel...

Tags: Florida | Prisoners of War | Soldiers
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