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Photograph of a Prison Baseball Team

Prison Baseball Team

ca. 1916

This photograph of a prison team with all black players, and a white man who appears to be their manager...

Tags: Baseball | African Americans | Atlanta Federal Penitentiary | Georgia
Prison File for Robert Fay

Baseball Privileges


Robert Fay was a German spy during WWI who was convicted of trying to sabotage ships in American harbors...

Tags: Baseball | Atlanta Federal Penitentiary | Georgia
Lenin's Prediction

Workers Worldwide

August 1919

These letters are from an inmate's case file. The sender discusses politics, unions, and the current state of workers in the world. He muses on...

Tags: Communism | Foreign Countries | Georgia
Political Prisoners

Political Prisoners

ca. 1919

These documents are taken from the penitentiary files of prisoners who were jailed for violating espionage laws and other subversive acts. Among the...

Tags: Atlanta Federal Penitentiary | Communism | Georgia
Labor Unions

Labor Unions

ca. 1919

These documents are contained in the penitentiary case file for Isaac Coldwell. Coldwell was convicted of violating the Oleomargerine Act from 1886...

Tags: Atlanta Federal Penitentiary | Communism | Illinois | Georgia | Labor
Social War Bulletin

SOcial War Bulletin

ca. 1919

This communist newspaper contains several pieces on specific communist victories, such as the Russian Revolution. The paper also contains...

Tags: Atlanta Federal Penitentiary | Communism | Illinois | Georgia | Labor
Expeditionary Siberian Force

Expeditionary Siberian Force

May-August 1920

In this document, a federal inmate convicted of violating espionage laws, files a motion in which he states President Woodrow Wilson has...

Tags: Atlanta Federal Penitentiary | Foreign Countries | Georgia
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