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National Archives at Atlanta

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Dining Car Discrimination

dining Car Discrimination

May 10, 1942

This letter, from Frank Adair to the Louisville and Nashville Rail Road in 1942, describes being denied access to the dining car...

Tags: African Americans | Georgia | Louisiana | Railroads | World War II
Dining Car Discrimination

Dining Car Discrimination

March 1945

This letter, on NAACP letterhead, refers to the complaint of Frank B. Adair who was denied access to the dining car on the "Crescent Limited"...

Tags: African Americans | New York | Railroads | Washington D.C. |
World War II
Expand Railroad Depot

Segregated Train Depot

May 6, 1943

This letter is a request from the Louisville and Nashville Railroad to expand Montgomery Depot because of the increased presence

Tags: African Americans | Alabama | Railroads | World War II
Mikado Specifications

Mikado Specifications

ca. 1943

This document shows a diagram of a Mikado-type (also known as a "Mike"), 2-8-2 steam locomotive with general builder's specifications...

Tags: Railroads | World War II
Steam Locomotives on Order

Locomotives on Order

December 1, 1943

This is a list of steam locomotives on order or delivered from ALCO, Baldwin, Lima, and other railroad shops to railroad companies...

Tags: Railroads | World War II
Letter from Alabama, Tennessee, and Northern Railroad

AL, Tn, & N. Railroad

May 9, 1944

This letter requests the delivery of two diesel locomotives, while stating problems with the continued use of steam locomotives...

Tags: Alabama | Railroads | World War II
Tracks and Facilities of Various Railroads

Atlanta Area Railroads

March 22, 1934

This map depicts railroads in the Atlanta Terminal area in 1934. It was created by the Office of Chief Engineer, Southern Railway System...

Tags: Georgia | Railroads | World War II
Western Union Telegram

Train Collision

August 31, 1943

Increased traffic on the railways brought more accidents, like the one described by this Western Union telegram...

Tags: North Carolina | Railroads | World War II
Letter Concerning the GM&O Railroad

Steam LocoMotives

October 3, 1943

This letter addresses the complaints of the Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio Railroad upon hearing that their request for new diesel locomotives...

Tags: Alabama | Railroads | World War II
Segregation at the Memphis Train Depot

Memphis Train Depot

ca. 1944

Despite their service in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II, black soldiers were still required to purchase train...

Tags: African Americans | Railroads | Tennessee | World War II