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Threat of Communism

Threat of Communism


This document is a page from a periodical containing an article warning of the threat communism poses to the United States. It stresses faith in...

Tags: Communism | South Carolina
	Operational Survival Maps

Operational Survival Maps


These maps from the North and South Carolina Civil Defense Agencies show major utility lines, evacuation routes, likely detonation...

Tags: Civil Defense | Cold War | North Carolina | South Carolina
Propaganda and Espionage

Propaganda & Espionage

April 16, 1942

This document is a Navy memo warning personnel to be aware of communist attempts to infiltrate the armed forces and labor unions who might...

Tags: Espionage | South Carolina

Customs Quarantine

Various Dates

The Public Health Service was responsible for the quarantine of arriving vessels to verify the health and sanitation of their contents...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Health | Quarantine | South Carolina