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Panoramic Photos

Panoramic Photos

August 1937-April 1939

These panoramic photographs show the construction and surrounding areas of the Norris, Chickamauga, Guntersville, Kentucky, and ...

Tags: Alabama | Dam Construction | Kentucky | Tennessee
Beech River Project Aerial Photos

Beech River Aerial Photos

March-October 1963

For each construction project, the TVA took aerial photographs to monitor the progress. These photographs show the construction...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee
Homes Affected by Fort Loudoun Project

Fort Loudoun Homes

April 24-25, 1942

These images document the people and the homes which were displaced as a result of the construction of the Fort Loudoun Dam...

Tags: Relocation | Tennessee
Lewis Hine Photographs

Lewis Hine

October - November 1933

Photographer Lewis Hine was well-known for his work with social reform agencies like the National Child Labor Committee...

Tags: Tennessee
Work and Play

Working, Playing, Learning

December 1938 - April 1949

TVA photographers took over 500,000 photographs of the impact of TVA construction on people and landscapes...

Tags: Alabama | Georgia | Tennessee
Photographers of the TVA

Photographers of the TVA

November 3, 1936

This image shows TVA photographer Pare Lorenz working in the Great Smoky Mountains as a storm is approaching...

Tags: North Carolina | Tennessee
Interment of U.S. Colored Troops

Interment of USCT

September-October 1864

United States Colored Troops were interred at the Chattanooga National Cemetery during the Civil War when...

Tags: African Americans | Civil War | Tennessee
Robinson v. Memphis and Charleston Railroad

Railroad Lawsuit


In 1875 the strongest Civil Rights Act of the nineteenth century passed in Congress guaranteeing equal access to public facilities...

Tags: African Americans | Railroads | Tennessee
African American Waves

African American WAVES

December 7, 1944

During World War II, thousands of women entered the U.S. Naval Reserve through the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service)...

Tags: African Americans | Tennessee | Women | World War II
Pianist Denied Concert

Pianist Denied Concert

January-February 1945

These documents are from an investigation report on the communist ties of Ukrainian pianist Alexander Brailowsky. Despite having previously...

Tags: Communism | Tennessee