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Accolades from the War Department

War Dept. Accolades

September 5, 1942

The Tennessee Valley Authority receives accolades from the War Department for their service towards the war effort...

Tags: Tennessee Valley | World War II
Pedersen Process

Extracting Alumina

July 21, 1942

Scientists with the Tennessee Valley Authority developed a system of extracting alumina from clay to eventually produce aluminum...

Tags: Tennessee Valley | World War II
Dam Construction

construction of dams

June 1, 1942

With the increased need for power to support the defense industry--in particular, the wartime production of aluminum, TVA constructed ...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee Valley | World War II
National Defense Aspects of the Tennessee Valley

Map of TVA Projects

December 26, 1941

This map depicts the dams and river ways of the Tennessee Valley in relation to the war effort...

Tags: Map | Tennessee Valley | World War II
Jean Paul Sartre Visits TVA

Sartre Visits TVA

January 30, 1945

This itinerary shows that French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre visited sites of the Tennessee Valley Authority with seven other French...

Tags: Tennessee Valley | World War II
Propaganda Posters

Propaganda Posters


The TVA used posters, flyers, billboards, and other propaganda to promote their participation in the war effort...

Tags: Propaganda | Tennessee Valley | World War II

Details of Town Planning

ca. 1934

TVA architects designed the minute details of the town of Norris, including street lights, lamp posts, and garbage receptacles...

Tags: City Planning | Public Facilities | Tennessee Valley
TVA Transmission Lines

Transmission Lines

ca. 1934-1986

The TVA Power System is a complicated network of dams, transmission lines, switching stations, hydroelectric plants, nuclear plants...

Tags: Electricity | Map | Tennessee Valley
Sue of Fertilizer

Use of Fertilizer

June 28, 1937

One of the original tasks charged to the Tennessee Valley Authority was to provide for the agricultural development of the region...

Tags: Tennessee Valley
Mining for Phosphate

Mining for Phosphate


Tennessee Valley Authority employees are mining phosphate for use in fertilizer...

Tags: Tennessee Valley