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Women at the Milan Arsenal

Women at Milan Arsenal


The Milan Ordnance Depot and the Wolf Creek Ordnance Plant merged in 1943 to form the Milan Ordnance Center. In 1945...

Tags: African Americans | Ordnance Facilities | Tennessee | Women |
World War II
War Fashions for Feminine Safety

War Fashion for Women

October 1942

In an effort to promote safety in a workplace that featured an increased amount of women, Higgins Industries featured this advertisement...

Tags: Fashion | Georgia | Louisiana | Women | World War II
Mobile Women's Recruitment Campaign

Women Recruited

March 6, 1943

The War Manpower Commission undertook a campaign to recruit women in the Mobile, Alabama area to work in war industry...

Tags: Alabama | Women | World War II
Girls Who Wear Glasses

Girls Who Wear Glasses

June 11, 1943

The "Salute" newsletter published by the Augusta Arsenal frequently offered beauty tips to its female population...

Tags: Fashion | Georgia | Women | World War II
Softball Team

Softball Team

August 11, 1945

The Lexington Signal Depot's weekly newsletter, The Messsage, reported on the installation's all-star male...

Tags: Baseball | Kentucky | Women
African American Waves

African American WAVES

December 7, 1944

During World War II, thousands of women entered the U.S. Naval Reserve through the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service)...

Tags: African Americans | Tennessee | Women | World War II
Women in Vietnam

Women in Vietnam


The New England Research Institute submitted a study that specifically addressed the health of women who served in the Vietnam War...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Health | Women