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Employee Violates Area Stabilization Plan

Letter from Serviceman

December 8, 1942

A former Fish and Wildlife Service employee who was serving in the military sent a letter to his former employer in response...

Tags: Georgia | Louisiana | World War II
Dam Construction

construction of dams

June 1, 1942

With the increased need for power to support the defense industry--in particular, the wartime production of aluminum, TVA constructed ...

Tags: Dam Construction | Tennessee Valley | World War II
Temporary Housing for Manhattan Project Workers

Temporary Housing

ca. 1943

The population in Oak Ridge, Tennessee grew from about 3,000 in 1942 to over 70,000 by 1945. In order to accommodate this type ...

Tags: Housing | Manhattan Project | Tennessee | World War II
Cubicle Operator

Cubicle Operator

ca. 1944

This employee is monitoring gauges and adjusting various controls. Most of these employees knew only the details of their specific station...

Tags: Manhattan Project | Tennessee | World War II
Y-12 Calutron Operators

uranium enrichment

ca. 1944

Calutron Operators monitored various components of the machine used to separate isotopes of uranium. Calutron operators were...

Tags: Manhattan Project | Tennessee | World War II
K-25 Cafeteria Complaint

K-25 Cafeteria Complaint

September 6, 1944

While deployed military personnel ate C-rations and other issued foods, those at home also suffered from less than satisfactory...

Tags: Cafeterias | Manhattan Project | Tennessee | World War II
Civil Action No. 429

Eminent domain

December 7, 1942

The federal government took possession of over 56,000 acres of land in Anderson & Roane counties in Tennessee...

Tags: Eminent Domain | Manhattan Project | Tennessee | World War II
National Defense Aspects of the Tennessee Valley

Map of TVA Projects

December 26, 1941

This map depicts the dams and river ways of the Tennessee Valley in relation to the war effort...

Tags: Map | Tennessee Valley | World War II
Maps and Surveys

Mapping the European Front


TVA's Maps and Surveys Department produced topographical maps of the European Theater from air photographs for...

Tags: Foreign Countries | Map | World War II
Certificate of Availability Process

Certificate of Availability

November 1944

Originally denied in September and October 1944, Sam Garwood was finally granted his release from the Charleston Navy Yard...

Tags: Georgia | Labor | South Carolina | World War II