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Strategic War Materials

Strategic War Materials

June 4, 1940

TVA General Manager Gordon R. Clapp asked his Chemical Engineering Department to provide an analysis of the various commodities...

Tags: Alabama | World War II
Power Controversy at  Volunteer Ordnance Works

Power Controversy

October-November 1941

Congressman Estes Kefauver of Tennessee's 3rd District became involved in a dispute over who would provide electrical power to...

Tags: Electricity | Tennessee | World War II
Selective Service Deferment for TVA Jobs

Deferment for TVA Jobs

October 1942

While there were many TVA employees who enlisted or were drafted for service in World War II, the Authority identified 882 positions...

Tags: Draft Registration | Tennessee | World War II
Army —  Navy "E" Award for Nitrate Plant #2

Army-Navy "E" Award

March-April 1943

In a ceremony on April 7, 1943, Nitrate Plant #2 was presented the Army — Navy "E" Award from Under Secretary of War Robert Patterson...

Tags: Alabama | Industry | World War II
Propaganda Posters

Propaganda Posters


The TVA used posters, flyers, billboards, and other propaganda to promote their participation in the war effort...

Tags: Propaganda | Tennessee Valley | World War II
Oral History Interview of Geraldine R. Byrd

Oral History Interview

September 16, 1992

Decades later, the TVA interviewed former workers from the World War II years and maintained the transcripts. One of the interviewees...

Tags: Alabama | Labor | World War II
Tennessee Valley Labor Pool

Tennessee Valley Labor

May7-16, 1942

Already involved in power generation, agriculture, dam construction, malaria eradication, munitions manufacture, and other war-related tasks...

Tags: Labor | Tennessee | Washington D.C. | World War II
Dams Built for the War

Dams Built for War


The TVA built three dams in record time to support the increased electric power demand of war industries: Fontana, Cherokee, and Douglas...

Tags: Dam Construction | North Carolina | Tennessee | World War II
TVA Offers Assistance to the War Department

TVA Offers Assistance

July 17, 1941

Even before the United States declared war on Germany and Japan, the TVA anticipated its potential contributions to the various missions...

Tags: Tennessee | Washington D.C. | World War II
Mobilizing the Region's Agricultural Resources for War

War Production

ca. 1942

In its continuing effort to communicate the benefits of electricity to the Tennessee Valley region, TVA photographed various scenes of...

Tags: Industry | Tennessee | World War II