Cemetery Relocation
To carry out its mission in the Tennessee Valley, TVA had to alter the landscape. The agency's major construction projects required relocating roads and utility lines, as well as inundating many acres of countryside. As an extension of these construction projects, TVA undertook the difficult and delicate task of relocating thousands of graves. Surveys were conducted of all cemeteries in the project areas. Beginning in 1933, more than 69,000 graves were investigated, and over 20,000 graves were relocated. TVA moved the graves from areas that were to be flooded and from isolated sites to comparable burial places nearby. The removal was done in accordance with state law and the wishes of the next of kin. In addition to relocating the graves, TVA cleaned, repaired, and reset monuments and headstones at the reinterment sites.                             Taken from TVA Website
Hickory Grove Cemetery

Hickory Grove Cemetery

August 10, 1939

Cemetery Removal

Removal Permissions

March 10, 1939

Permission and Procedure

Removal Procedures


Sequoyah v. TVA

Sequoyah v. TVA

October 1979